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DBS completes first trade transaction on Ant Group `s Trusple blockchain

DBS completes first trade transaction on Ant Group's Trusple blockchain

DBS is the first Asian bank to successfully close a trade financing transaction on Ant Group's blockchain platform Trusple.

Unboxing DBS Fighters Ambition & BGS Sub

Brand New of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game franchise set is finally among us and the Gohan love is unreal!

We’re opening SOOOOOOO much fire in this DBS Pack Unboxing!

SCR pulled!!!!! And one I needed!!!

SCRs are Banger pulls but so are SGRs!!!

So lets see what we pull in this art work chase!

Lets find out together!!!

Apparel up now!!!

TCGGodness IG


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What to ask before you buy your first insurance

When we are young, healthy and full of vitality, it’s hard to believe that we need insurance. But, the smart ones will know… life happens! Getting our insurance sorted is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. And you can quote us on this… it’s best to do it while we are still young and healthy!
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DBS Contactless Payment: One Special Order

Ever experienced that sinking feeling when you’re about to pay for your purchase only to realise that you have no cash on hand? By making contactless payment more readily available, DBS/POSB customers can now pay for their purchases easily at more locations, even hawker centres. All it takes is a tap of your debit/credit card! To find out how else DBS is innovating, please visit